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Himalayas. Everest mosaic


Himalayas (Himalaya). Everest mosaik
Photo mosaic the Himalayas with Makalu and Mount Everest from the International Space Station, Expedition 8

Himalayas map
Himalayas map

Himalayas location 
Himalayas map

Himalayas detailed map
The detailed map

Himalayas. Everest mosaik
Everest mosaic

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Himalayas: photos, images, pictures, maps, location

Himalayan aerial tramway (or ferry?). The Trisuli river. Pictures of Himalaya

Nepal, the Trizuli river (the Himalaya foothills). It is the real Himalayan Aerial tramway.

Holidays in the mountains. Dal Lake in Srinagar, India. Houseboats and shikaras

N.K. Roerich. RINCHENPONG, 'Sikkim'. 1924

Indian Himalayas. Sikkim. Climate, culture, Roerich

Asia. Photos

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The 99 metres (325 ft) tall stupa in Rangoon

Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh

Egypt. Cleopatra,
The Last Pharaoh.
Was she really beauty?