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Extreme flights. Hang glider over the Himalayas

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Extreme flights, Nepal. Hang glider over the Himalayas in Pokhara

Our plane to Kathmandu - in just two days, we're ahead of schedule. Places for tomorrow's flight no. Therefore, we are planning further stay in Pokhara.

Extreme  flights, Nepal. Hang glider over the Himalayas in PokharaNight in Internet cafes found an ad on flights over the mountains on gliders with motors. Signed up for tomorrow morning for a half-hour flight. Fly early in the morning, no smoke and wind, our time - 8 am. Flying club owns a Russian lady, whose son - one of the pilots, Stephen half Russian, half Nepalese, in Russian fluent. Other pilots and mechanics too Russian. On the runway the pilot Alexander convinced us immediately that half an hour - it's not enough, to fly for an hour, then we'll get to the White Mountains, we will rise to four thousand meters, let us make pictures, and in general - will be beautiful. Alexander himself calls his car "tryapkolet" and in prospectuses zazyvatelnyh this machine is listed as Ultra Light; his wing like a hang glider, rear propeller and motor. Dashboard - with inscriptions in Russian, as the motorcycle "Ural". The passenger seat is located either next to the pilot, or the back. On the wing fastened camera. During the flight, the pilot repeatedly presses the button and the camera takes a picture of the aircraft on the background of the most beautiful mountain landscapes. For high-altitude flight over clothing clothe us back in the warm overalls, gloves give, warm felted slippers and wear a helmet. In this form, the fat bear, barely get into the seat behind the pilot, I wear a seat belt. When the machine accelerates and takes off on the band - certainly scary. Afraid to stop only after 10 minutes, when we were so high that in any bones collected after the fall.

Extreme flights. Hang glider over the Himalayas in Pokhara, Nepal


Extreme flights. Hang glider over the Himalayas in Nepal

Extreme flight:
Hang-gliding over Pokhara.
In the background - Machapuchchre (Fishteyl)


Extreme flight:
Hang-gliding over Pokhara.
In the background - one of the peaks of Annapurna. Passenger boarding - behind the pilot

Extreme flight - hang-gliding. Nepal. View of Mount FishteylWe make a circle above Pokhara and gradually climb up in the mountains. Although it is the middle of May - comes the time to smoke in the morning is perfectly visible seven-and eight thousand. The closest and most recognizable of all - Fishteyl ("fish tail" seventhousander). In the local - Machapuchchre. This "sacred" mountain climbing Fishteyl prohibited. To the right of the visible mass of Annapurna. The longer fly, the closer the mountains and the colder it becomes. We went up to the maximum of 3500 meters, I've done pictures mountains in the background, took off nearby "tryapkolet." Coming down, took another turn over the lake, the boys in the white stupa on the top of the hill waved his hands. And very quietly a few minutes later landed. All photos taken in flight by a camera mounted on the machine, we have recorded on the disc, there also have added their mountain panoramas. In general, the flight at the miracle machine - is a very strong impression that is left of your stay in Pokhara. I even used to be is not clear why this Pokhara travel except in transit to Jomsom. Now I know - why. Sure, you can fly and in the suburbs, but where there will find such wonderful mountain views. Hang glider flies to the mountains so close that it seems you Do you hear the cold air flows over the gorges. Silent hill just beckon to him, they can almost touch it.
After we flew thrifty Japanese. They took flight for 15 minutes (I think it's $ 70), in my opinion, it is only to take off, to circle the lake and sit down. Our hour flight cost about $ 230. They say that in five years at the club was not a single case of an emergency. The flights are safe - even if the engine fails, the unit can fly as many as a regular on the wing hang glider. They also say that the design is equipped with a parachute (if it breaks down the wing). Generally, Pokhara is popular with fans of all air - come here to compete and just fly paragliders from all over the world, here is removed Russian helicopter hangar, razvozyaschie shipments around the country on the MI-8 contract, flying club's thriving. In general - we are very happy with the flight!

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