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Holidays in the mountains. Dal Lake in Srinagar, India. Houseboats and shikaras

From Шринагар (Сринагар), Кашмир, www.foto-india.ru/srinagar.htm

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Dal Lake vacation: houseboats

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Holidays in the mountains. The Himalayas.
I. Activities:
Trekking in the mountains
Trekking in the high mountains
India, Kashmir. Gulmarg,  the ski resort.
Rafting in the mountains
Quite extreme: flight on a hang glider. Nepal, the Himalayas
II. Holidays at the mount resort:
The resort Ananda Spa in the Himalayas
Dal Lake in Srinagar, India. (Himalayas)

Dal Lake is popular as a visitor attraction and a summer resort. Fisheries and the harvesting of food and fodder plants are also important on Dal Lake. Weeds from the lake are extracted and converted into compost for the gardens. Swimming, boating, snow skiing (particularly when the lake is frozen during the severe winter), and canoeing are amongst some of the water sports activities practised on the lake.

Dal Lake in Srinagar, India. Himalayas

Houseboats and the Dal Lake are widely associated with Srinigar and are nicknamed "floating palaces", built according to British customs. The houseboats are generally made from local cedar-wood and measure 24–38 metres (79–125 ft) in length and 3–6 metres (9.8–20 ft) in width and are graded in a similar fashion to hotels according to level of comfort. Many of them have lavishly furnished rooms, with verandas and a terrace to serve as a sun-deck or to serve evening cocktails.
Each houseboat has an exclusive shikara for ferrying guests to the shore. A shikara is small paddled taxi boat, often about 15 feet (4.6 m) long) and made of wood with a canopy and a spade shaped bottom. It is the cultural symbol of Kashmir and is used not only for ferrying visitors but is also used for the vending of fruits, vegetables and flowers and for the fishing and harvesting of aquatic vegetation.

Houseboats on the Dal Lake in Srinagar, India

Houseboats on the Dal Lake

Many residents of Srinagar, spend most of their time on the water, starting with a morning market, ending the goods are delivered at sunset. Here it is, working boats shikaras, the most popular transport:
The working boats shikaras are the most popular transport on the Dal Lake

Vegetable market on the water in the morning, 6 am, Dal Lake:
Market on the water, Dal Lake

Just coastal thickets on the Dal Lake, where the paved "road" for the boats of the lotus fields:
The coastal thickets on the Dal Lake

More photos: Шринагар (Сринагар), Кашмир, www.foto-india.ru/srinagar.htm

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Holidays in the mountains. Dal Lake in Srinagar, India. Houseboats and shikaras

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